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Womb Healing

It is important to understand that everything starts in the womb. Life begins in the womb and therefore, all our experiences are held in it. When you are unable to release the negative experiences, traumas, unfulfilled goals and chaos you have experienced in your life, regardless of what you’ve been able to learn from your past experiences, it will continue to block the blessings you are trying to manifest.

Womb Healing Cleanse helps in recovering from a broken emotional connection, heart break, releasing fear, repetitive relationship misfortunes, generational curses and much more. The purpose of this particular cleanse is to assist you in connecting with your true self and build your confidence. Accessing the Divine Feminine Power within. Because it is entitled Womb Healing Cleanse, you would think this style of cleanse is exclusive to just women, but that is not the case. Both men and women can benefit from this Divine Energy connecting cleanse. This modality works with the sacral chakra and since we all come from the womb, it allows men and women to strengthen their soul energy. With the use of specific prayers, mantras, and meditations it allows for your sacral chakra to be sustained and protected.


When your womb chakra is cleansed, it grants you the power to be in control of your relationships (both romantic and platonic) and/or the relationships you would like to build. A Womb Healing is said to help in cutting the cord from abusive relationships (past or present), permanently suspend all ties with past relationships, due away with toxic ties, and also but not limited to, strengthening your bond with your significant other, children, parents, and other family members. It can also assist in dealing with the loss of a loved one, anxiety, and stress. On a more pleasant tone, this particular cleanse can also help you reconnect with creativity and allows you to discover your passion.

Fee: $250