One thing is to describe yourself as a Medium, Healer and a Spiritual leader and another thing is to see what clients believe about your abilities and the effect is has had in their life. When it comes to Spirituality and being a messenger of Spirit, Afimaye’s clients think very highly of him. See for yourself.

I haven’t got so much clarity in a long time from a reading. He gets so in depth with each card and understood every bit of it. He’s very sincere and caring. I definitely will be back again and definitely recommend him. Thank you so much Afimaye!
— Angela M.
I had a mediumship reading with Afi two weeks ago and...holy smokes!!! He’s the real deal, but those words don’t even give the experience justice. I came in with the intention of speaking to someone in my family who has been deceased for almost a century, and he tapped into some obscure knowledge that has sent me on THE spiritual easter egg hunt for the ages. It’s worth every penny because of the hour-long session alone, but the path just keeps unfolding for me. In that way, it has proven to be an incredible investment and catalyst for growth. He gave me some guidance which I really took to heart and following his suggestions has created so many blessings in my life already.
— Natalie C.
EXTRAORDINARY!!! I finally worked up the courage to see Afimaye. As expected, I went through emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other during my hour long reading. I am truly grateful for the information that I have received. I have had numerous clairvoyant and tarot card readings, but none of those compare at all to Afimaye! If you are seeking the blunt, absolute, no bullshit, unfiltered, raw and authentic truth, schedule a reading with Afimaye. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

P.S. Running from your truth only makes it that much difficult to handle when you’re exposed by your spirit guides. Lesson learned, I will see you again Afimaye. I sincerely thank you!
— JD M.
.....Which brings me to Afi :D! I decided to treat myself to a clairvoyant reading after two years of incredible struggle and personal triumph. With impassioned clarity, Afi spoke to my innermost anxieties and silent habits—things I’ve only mumbled under my breath or pondered in private. With almost no information from my end, he pieced together astounding messages that spoke precisely to my life experience. It was a beautiful time that left me smeared with tears and brightened by the occasional burst of laughter.

I highly recommend a reading with Afi! In fact, I feel moved to gift sessions to my closest loved ones, who are open to spiritual guidance. A remarkable healer, I think, knows when to ‘let go’ and trust in the capacity of the client. I trust Afi’s insight because he put that trust in me
— Kathleen G.
When I first came to Afimaye, I was immediately struck by his sincerity and most of all his honesty. He tells it like it is, not what you want to hear, which is exactly what a spiritual guide is supposed to do to be able to put you on a path to reach your highest potential and/or help you navigate the waters of life. He has a gift and is the real deal. His intuition is strong and the relationship he has with spiritual realm is apparent. I admit in the beginning, I did not tell him much of anything about myself. I was skeptical and a little afraid, because society has conditioned us to fear non monotheistic religions or other modes of spirituality. I still went to him, because I didn’t want to fear something that was so intertwined in my parents’ culture, but was ripped away by colonialism and imperialism. I had a wall up, but he still somehow sensed me and my essence. Gradually, the wall came down. Fast forward almost a year later, everything he said, even in tbe first few meetings, has either happened or is happening. He has aided in me making some decisions for myself and realizing what I want from my life. Afimaye is not a psychic, in fact he will be the first person to tell you that he is not. He is a guide to help steer you in your journey or make educated decisions when you are at a crossroads. He is an intuitive. He is a medium. He is a spiritual teacher who is open enough and naturally gifted to be able communicate with the other realm. I am very grateful that he has chosen to share his gift with others, helping people along on their journey called life.
— Michelle N.
I have had readings with multiple people in my life but none have been as good as Afimaye. This was my second tarot reading (first one was a year ago), and both times were very accurate and pretty specific compared to other vague readings I’ve had by other people. The first time he actually even mentioned a name to me (which a year later I believe I have now met), and other information he told proved to be true or happen as well. Now that I just had my second reading - again everything he said was super spot on and I told him absolutely nothing of my situation before he started reading. He told me the information I needed to hear for some major decision making I need to do at the moment. Also the things he mentioned specifically about my personality and how I deal with things, were also extremely true. He is truly gifted and I am so thankful for all his help/honest advice - definitely will be coming back the next time I need a reading!
— Celine C.
I am truly amazed!!! I’ve had a few readings done before, but this man is amazing!!! Afi knew my life..things I would not tell other people. I am still in shock...iI would recommend anyone to him. He is amazing!!! :)
— Priscilla R.
Finding an honest, authentic, traditional practioner of such a deep rooted culture and spiritualism is so hard in this day. What I found in this man is priceless and his ability to bring a sense of calm and hope in the midst of total chaos, I can’t ever thank him enough. This is beyond your average kind of reading, if you are ready for answers and solution, you shouldn’t have to look further. Thank you. The chaos still exists, but after meeting with Afimaye, I know I have the strength and the fight in me to overcome now.
— Christina G.
I’ve had a reading by Afi and have attended a workshop and he is one of the best! He gave me the tough love that I needed to get myself in gear. His connection to spirit is undeniable as evidenced by validation in my life in very specific ways. I also appreciated the incorporation of his Afro-Cuban culture the workshop I attended.

Thinking about checking him out? I highly suggest it.
— Ikiah M.
I recently had a reading with Afi and had no idea what to expect from this experience. All I can really say is he is the real deal. He knew the battle I was going through with myself and helped me accept the things I already knew to be the truth and that I was ignoring. Although the truth is sometimes hard to hear, this reading helped me a great deal. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of spiritual guidance. He also read a friend of mine and my friends great grandmother came through, whom she was raised by. My friend was in need of some closure regarding her death and wanted assurance that her great grandma’s presence is still at her side. I couldn’t believe it. Truly life changing experience.
— Amy U.
My first tarot reading and it was insane how spot on it was. Immediately felt comfortable and calm with Afi. I don’t think a review can even capture how great he is. Love him!
— Estefany C.
Afi is hands down the man. he gave it to me straight whether I wanted to hear or or not. i had 30 min tarot and 30 min clairvoyant. I seeked his guidance at a time of despair bc i needed help knowing that moving forward was the best for me.
he knew a lot more than any of my closest friends knew before I could say a word. it was honestly like he was in my head as he said he was.
he also called me by what my grandma called me and then proceeded to tell me that she was in the room with me which stur up a lot of emotions. he also referred to my sister as what only i call her which amazed me.

honestly, everything about him amazed me. I loved him and will deff. seek his guidance again.
— Paula G.
Two years ago I had the privilege of meeting this amazing man, Afi.

I will never forget how he gave me the toughest, yet utterly clear reading of my spiritual journey. Calling it a reading doesn’t even do Afi justice; It was a therapeutic rewiring of everything in my life that I needed to adjust and re-evaluate.

Without Afi, I wouldn’t have achieved a sense of clarity as quick as I did.
— Fei L.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Afimaye since the summer of 2013, when I was invited to attend a channeling circle/seance. I had not met him or known about him prior to this day. I sat quietly, as I always do. When I say quiet I mean I don’t say a peep, but my brain is racing with thoughts: will there be a message for me? What will he tell me? Please, Spirit, talk to me! When, all of a sudden, he turns to me and says, “I’ll be with you in a second.” I froze! OMG, Spirit had heard me, probably interrupted his channeling for others! I Interrupted Spirit! Gosh! How embarrassing! However, I waited patiently, trying to quiet my mind. Then, he turned to me...
It was as though I was speaking to one of my elders, who had known me prior to leaving my mother’s womb! The rest of the room, the world faded away and it was just him and I. He counseled and guided me as though we had an established ongoing relationship. He connected to my Spirit & Spirit Guides and used words/phrases/language that my Soul knew personally and profoundly. I understood my message.
Ever since then, I’ve gone to more of his channeling circles, his meditation & healing with the voices classes, and shell readings. Every session with Afimaye is beneficial to my spiritual growth and development....
— Glo R.