Healings & Cleanses

One should not only be concerned over the body’s hygienic needs, but also, its Spiritual necessities. Many times, we fail to understand the work that needs to take place at the Spiritual level with the purpose of bringing order and balance into your life. There are various reasons why a person may need a  Spiritual healing and/or a cleanse. In this modern day and age there is way too much energy exchange going on everywhere you go; and sadly enough, a great deal of that negative energy you are intaking, is not positive.

But, what is a healing? What is a cleanse? Are they the same? Well, actually there is a slight difference. 

A Healing, while it can assist in doing away with negative vibrations you currently feel, it’s true purpose is to bring you to a level of wholeness and restore you to sound health on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. More often than not, the negativity addressed in a healing is not due to a recent event. It often started before you can even consciously remember. Situations that take a negative turn in your life and create an unwanted shift, could have been provoked by experiences that started as early as when you took your very first breath in life.  A healing deals with the accumulation of unresolved issues over time: Such as, but not limited to: Abuse, trauma, rape, fear, addiction, generational curses, ancestral patterns, and past life experiences. 

On the other hand, a cleanse has an alignment type of approach. At times, you may feel as if you picked up a bad energy from a particular place or from someone. This can occur in your working and/or your social environment, as well as in your personal space. Therefore, a cleanse is performed, for you to be able to recalibrate and bring yourself back to a state of full awareness and clarity; feeling refreshed and with dead weight being uplifted from you. A good example of this would be, people who call themselves empaths. If you are an empathic type of person, you tend to always feel what others around you are experiencing; and it can equally be good or bad vibrations. When you are susceptible to people’s energies, someone’s bad day becomes your bad day. Also, feelings of anxiety, lack of focus, and unexplained mood swings makes you a candidate for a much needed Spiritual cleanse. 

Moreover, a cleanse oftentimes is helpful for being able to manifest a desired goal. Spiritual cleanses focus on removing the junk out of your way so that you may reach your dreams. It helps clear the blocks that could be interfering with you being able to standout on your next job interview, or seeing your next business proposal play out as expected. 

Afimaye performs various styles of cleansings & healings . As the Palo Mayombe and Òrísha priest he is, Afimaye utilizes his spiritual and shamanic gifted abilities to reverse attacks of witchcraft, due away with generational curses, and manifest stability in your love life as well as in your employment. With over 25 years of experience in detecting and clearing unfavorable vibes from people’s energetic circle, Afimaye is confident that his dedication to service, ethics, and getting results, is the kind of help people need. The specifications of the cleansings and/or healings vary from person to person as no ones' energy is exactly the same. Below, please find a description of various healing and cleansing styles. A reading is always advised in order to determine which kind of healing and/or cleanse is suitable for you.

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Energy cleanse

If you are having feelings of energetic heaviness, sluggish behavior, and you’re feeling like you are dragging a vibration that’s not allowing you to act how you are normally known to be, then, an Engery Cleanse will be right for you. This style of cleanse consists of unique prayers which helps in doing away with negativity that causes you to feel symptoms like, but not limited to: loss of focus, problems with concentration, unexplained chaos, bad mood and trouble sleeping. The time length for this Energy Cleanse is one hour.

Base Fee: $250

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In this fast and rapid-paced life in which we live in, we forget and make little effort to connect with our inner-self and spiritual side to cleanse our aura of the unimaginable amount of negativity that surrounds us on a daily basis. Stress levels are at a great high and we are in dire need of all the spiritual work our bodies, mind and soul deserves.

Òrísha Healing Voices cleanse uses the strong vibrations of the West-African Òrísha chants and prayers to release your body from negative vibrations. It focuses on the energy blocks in your chakras and by way of West-African chants in the Yorùbá language and communication to the higher self, Afimaye’s Spiritual abilities will see which chakras are in need of releases lower-level negative vibrations. As a medium and a Messenger of Spirit, he channels during the session, helping you see how you might have contributed to your own setbacks. Afimaye not only frees your body from unfavorable energy that interferes with your daily life, but he also helps break through generational curses, repressed memories, soul ties and much more. Your Spirit will be touched.

There are three focal areas of life this particular style of healing targets: Health, Heart, and Abundance.

  1. Healing for the Heart – Healing includes all matters of the heart.  Self love, Platonic love, and Romantic love.

  2. Healing for Abundance – Removes blocks where financial stability is needed in ones life.

  3. Healing for Health – A Healing to bring in good health and balance within oneself.

A reading is always advised first to determine what needs most attention during your healing session. The time length for Òrísha Healing Voices is one hour.

Base Fee: $250


shamanic mayombe cleanse

Herbs are not only important for medicinal bodily care: They are also vital for Spiritual cleansing. During this Shamanic approach, strong Spirit guides are summoned to assist in freeing your body and mind from negative and oftentimes harmful energies that create unbearable havoc in your life. At times, you can find yourself fighting against evil energies that decide to lodge in your life and become an energy parasite; thus, sucking your energy, isolating you from people, killing your drive, provoking depression, messing with your body, blocking your love life, creating misunderstandings in your life, affecting your physical health, provoking you to self-sabatoge goals and last but not least, creating much doubt within the ‘self”.

Base Fee: $250