It is not a secret that no type of relationship is perfect, but it is Afimaye’s belief it’s safe to say that when speaking about romantic love, the challenge seems to be greater. Two people from complete different experiences coming together to make it work, is a lifelong journey. Oftentimes, this journey needs assistance.

This style of couples counseling is not your typical -sitting in a couch while each party tries to prove their point by talking over each other, unwilling to listen to one another, and reluctant to admit to their faults, as a therapist or counselor just sits there and listens.

In this approach we shall first consult with Spirit via a reading for a better understanding of what area needs most attention in your relationship with your partner. At times, it’s just an issue with communication and not speaking a language that both of you can understand; but, on a deeper level, if there are any other external interferences (for example: negative vibrations, hexes, evil eyes, curses, etc.) that could be contributing to the demise of your relationship, this shall also be revealed and dealt with. The style of consult used for couples spiritual counseling can be performed via a clairvoyant reading or a tarot reading. At times, all your relationship needs is a Spiritual touch.

1 hr — $250