The Mother of Waters Yemayá fuels you with strength.

The Mother of Waters Yemayá fuels you with strength.

In the month of September, we celebrate three very important Òríshas; Yemayá, Òshún, and Òbátalá. Òríshas are considered to be the extensions of the Creator in the eyes of the Yoruba. One of the various practices of the Yoruba is venerating ancestors and the forces of nature. We honor those that came before us. As well as, the sacred earth and energy that holds our bones after we’ve transited to spirit. History has shown us that the vast majority of earth-based religions and their folk-wisdom, have been influenced by astronomy. From the study of the universe its positions, motions, and properties of celestial objects – we have the gift of astrology. Astrology explains how the positions, transits, and properties of the planets, affect people, energy and events. The magic starts in the heavens. Through the forces of nature - The Yoruba’s acknowledge, show honor and reverence to Òlódumare (The Creator/God). We can find the presence of the Òríshas in the strong and powerful elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. These natural elements also are in alignment with astrological zodiac signs and seasons. To venerate the Òríshas is to acknowledge the energies of the sacred earth, the cosmos and celestial bodies, for they are intricately intertwined.

On September 8th, we celebrate the great maternal energy of Yemayá/Yemojá, mother of waters and Goddess of the oceans. Yemaya is the Òrísha who is nurturing in nature, protective and considered to be the Mother of All.

The Òrísha Òshún, is observed on September 12th. She is the Yoruba Goddess of love, fertility and luxury. She governs rivers and fresh water. As the mother of abundance, she relishes in refinement. Òshún possesses characteristics of seducing and charming everything she desires with the sweetness of honey and charisma she possesses – and this makes her an exceptional witch.

During this Virgo season, I invite you to dive deep into the energy of the Goddess of love, Òshún. Reevaluate where your heart is and whether or not you’re receiving the love, care, attention, and value you deserve. This also means you will have to reexamine if you are giving the same to others and not being selfish. On the same level, this is not just exclusive to what you are receiving from someone else, as you must also review if you are giving the same to yourself. Òshún is very radical when it comes to love - and self-love is first the best love. When she’s made up her mind about something, there’s no convincing her otherwise. She urges us to make up our mind to treat ourselves kindly, with love, and respect. Òshún suggests you prioritize the people and places that will be healthy for all areas of your life. The river cleanses and renews us, feeds and nurtures us in practical ways. As the Goddess of the rivers, Òshún is steadily consistent and focused on moving forward. Just as the currents of her waters, she never go backwards. This means, there’s no room for making excuses and second-guessing yourself. Time to release and let go of whatever/whomever has been holding you back and blocking your blessings. If you are the only block, then Òshún invites you to get out of your own head. The time has come for you to think of yourself abundantly, so that you may manifest abundance. Terminate your poverty mentality, to really step into everything you are and can become. By merging with the energy of Òshún you can become organized, detailed oriented, and steady, as Òshún’s energy is.

You can honor Òshún’s energy this month by wearing and/or using her colors which are all tones of yellow, gold, amber, and coral. She loves scents such as sandalwood, vetiver, and orange. You can burn incense or use essential oils made of these scents. As for accessories and stones, she’s associated with fans, mirrors, amber, coral, and brass. The sunflower is her flower of choice and number 5 belongs to her. You may also put up yellow roses around the house and yellow scented candles. Honey is truly representative of the energy of Òshún as well. If possible in your city, you might want to visit a river to meditate/pray in its presence as that is where the Goddess of love Òshún’s energy resides.

For my ocean lovers and those with high nurturing tendencies, during this Virgo season, Yemayá invites you to nurture yourself. Yemayá is a very strong-willed Òrísha. She always knows what she wants, but just as the waves can change, her energy can be both serene and very violent at times. For this matter, Yemayá wants you to invite change into your life that steers you toward your ultimate purpose. This season can show you that not all things are black and white and that at times you should be flexible in order to step into the fullness of your destiny. Yemayá is a great Òrísha to go to for issues having to do with motherhood, family concerns, and healing. This season invites you to bring healing to past traumas in your life affecting the present. This will be a good time to release resentment and do away with negative patterns of thought. Yemayá is symbolic of expansion, therefore her energy wants you to not limit yourself to less when there’s so much more for you out there.

Honoring Yemayá can be done with all tones of the color blue. Whether you wear or invite this color into your home, Yemayá’s presence will be felt in a very nurturing way but will also give you the strength you need to make difficult decisions. Lighting a blue candle is a great way to make space for her energy in your life. Her number is 7 and some of the gemstones associated with Yemayá are pearls, mother of pearl, silver, blue topaz, and aquamarine.

Though the great Òrísha Òbátalá is also celebrated in September, this strong energy will be spoken about in the next newsletter since its feast day is September 24th, which belongs to Libra season.

My beloved Spiritual Warriors, allow this Virgo season to birth a new version of you by releasing old toxic energy, focusing on new tasks, carrying things out to its’ finish line, expanding your horizons, and elevating your vibration.

With Divine Love,

Spiritual Doctor AFI