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Welcome to Libra season my beloved Spiritual Warriors. The time has come to balance your life as we now embrace the fall equinox. Hopefully, Virgo season furnished you with the necessary tools for you to now balance it all out. While Virgo cycle was the, getting down to business period, Libra now stands before you and asks: “now what are you going to do with all this information you acquired last season?”

This month of September celebrates on the 24th, the Òrísha Òbátalá, the God of white cloth, elected by the Creator to be the sculptor of human bodies, owner of our heads, and the truest representation of humility. This benevolent and androgynous West-African deity who possess both male and female characteristics, teaches us all there is to know about compassion.  Lukùmí elders always refer to Òbátalá as “paz, humildad, y paciencia” (peace, humility, and patience). Because Òbátalá, with the Creators’ permission and blessing, sculpted the human body and gave us our head, He is also the Great Judge. The seeker of truth and weigher of options. All in the name of justice. For this reason, it’s no surprise to me Òbátalá’s feast day falls on Libra’s side of the fence. 

Libra is all about balance and peace; areas over which Òbátalá governs. For the next four weeks, don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing, in search of, and/or requiring balance, from the places you attend, to the people you interact with. Òbátalá invites you to embrace the capacity to change, by first asking yourself the following questions: “Is this (person/place/thing), healthy for me?” “Does it make me want to become a better person?” “Is this (person/place/thing), loving to me? And if the answer to any of these questions is no, then first and foremost, Òbátalá reminds you to show compassion for yourself by making choices that demonstrates just that, compassion.

Being that Venus is the natural ruler of Libra, this is the time to allow yourself to experience self-love, harmony, and peace, while also focusing on partnerships, networking, and sociability. Your business is waiting for you to make new connections so that it may continue to grow (or start growing). So therefore, being rigid in your lack of flexibility and staying isolated is not going to be beneficial for you in Libra’s world. Libra is about creativity, self-love, and venturing out. This does not necessarily mean your life should be just about partying, for not all of us are party-animals, but, it is advised you give yourself the opportunity to have more fun. During this season, your level of communication will play a major role in how you grow. As my grandmother use to say, “boca cerrada no come”, (shut mouths don’t get fed). So metaphorically speaking, if you don’t get out there and connect with people, your business venture won’t get fed. Your heart won’t get fed. Your creative ideas won’t be nourished either. Being that Libra is a cardinal sign, which simply means, the presence of a turning point in temperate seasons, venturing out will bring about the changes your life needs. For some of you might be hard changes but nonetheless, necessary for growth. The crux of the matter is that your turning point will be brought upon by balance. Doing too much in just one area is not going to yield the advancement you desire and deserve.

During this Libra season, the God of white cloth Òbátalá proposes you revisit your ideas, thoughts, and recently-made decisions. In order to be fair, just, and bring about balance, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reconsidering what you had already signed off on. Just as the Justice card suggests (card associated with Libra), this is a time to do things a little differently than you used to. You must approach love relationships with honesty, respect, and transparency. In your professional life, if you are the kind of individual who tends to make rapid and impulsive decisions then this time around, you should take some time to reflect, reconsider, weigh your options, and then proceed. If your tendency is that of going around in circles and taking an unnecessary long time to decide on important matters, then perhaps this time around you should honor your gut feeling more often and go with your first decision. This is part of what balance is all about. Be ready to take responsibility for your actions, be fair, and act in alignment with your higher self. This means, it’s ok to make mistakes and/or to have made them in the past. The time to correct/address past mistakes has come and the time to reconsider current decisions has also arrived, so that you can avoid future blunders and mishaps to the best of your human abilities. This is compassion.

You can honor Òbátalá the remainder of this month by wearing and/or using the colors white and silver. Mountain tops and hills are the locations consider to be His home. Meditating/praying at these sites will keep you close to His energy, elevated, and uplifted. As for accessories and stones, He’s associated with quartz crystal, ivory, bone, howlite, and chalcedony. White doves are very symbolic of Òbátalá, as elders back in the day considers them to be the messenger of Òlófin (God). Wearing a silver dove pendant represents the energy of Òbátalá as well. Sundays, a great day for prayer/meditation ands attending to your spiritual altars, is Òbátalá’s day of the week.

My Spiritual Warriors, allow this Libra season and Òbátalá’s energy to shake off of you dead weight that keeps you off balance. Be flexible, allow for new beginnings, and breathe-in deeply the air of change.

With Divine Love,

Spiritual Doctor AFI